10 gray dresses for bridesmaid

bridesmaid dresses

All right, my dear?

I always talk here on the blog about brides. I wear wedding dresses from the most varied models, but today I came to show some inspirations for bridesmaids .

For those brides who dream or are already planning to standardize their bridesmaids' dresses in one color at their wedding, I have selected 10 Gray Dresses for Bridesmaid from the Millybridal UK store.

Millybridal UK is a shop specializing in wedding dresses, dresses for bridesmaids, dresses for the mother of the bride, dresses for florists, dresses for debutante, party dresses and has various accessories for brides.

And gray (silver) is not much used here, but it is a beautiful, elegant color, and it will certainly make a success in your marriage.

Let's check the dresses I selected?

bridesmaid dresses

The bulge of dress 3 is simply beautiful and very well done, do not you think? But I fell in love with Dresses 1 and 2.

bridesmaid dresses

I loved the application of dress 6, delicate and beautiful, but I believe that I would choose this dress to wear it as a bride, avoiding the traditional white.

However, even though I enjoyed all the Silver Bridesmaid Dresses, my favorite was dress 2. I would choose for my bridesmaids to wear at my wedding, especially if the ceremony was outdoors.

And would you choose some dress from the models I shared? What did you think of the color and choice of dress models?

Do not forget to leave your opinion for the comments!

Kisses and stay with God!

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P.S. I find gray a beautiful color and I even made some posts talking about the combination of other colors with this color here on the blog:
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- Gray and Purple-Lilac,
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