Facts about postpartum girdles

Birthing a child has a significant effect on the bodies of nursing mothers. Many have been thrown out of shape by it especially in the abdominal region. This is where a postpartum girdle comes in handy. These girdles compress the belly, back, and hips so that you can have the kind of body you can be proud of in no time.

postpartum girdles
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Facts about postpartum girdles

Benefits of Postpartum girdle

  • It speeds up your recovery process and enhances your self-esteem after childbirth.
  • It holds the middle section of your body in place. This prevents uncomfortable movements. Those who have had a caesarian section will be concerned about holding the stitches together. Postpartum girdles can help you to keep the incisions from reopening.
  • The pressure on the back increases during pregnancy. This leads to conditions such as spinal curvature, scoliosis, and radiculitis. A postpartum girdle is the best way to deal with these conditions.

When to wear a Postpartum girdle 

Depending on the type of delivery you have had, a postpartum girdle may be worn almost immediately. If you had a caesarian section, doctors advise that you allow the incision heal a bit before you start tightening that area. 

Also, the duration of usage of postpartum girdle varies from one person to another. It all depends on the type of body you have. The corset can be worn for up to 120 days. It’s about when you get the desired effect. 

Types of Postpartum girdles

There is no one-type-fits-all when it comes to postpartum girdles. You need to choose the one that best fits your body type and need for using it. Some common types are: 

  1. Zipper style. This is recommended for those who have had a C-section, particularly, the front-zipper style, since there are back zippers and side zippers.
  2. Corset style. This type of postpartum girdle has boning enclosures.
  3. Pull-up. This doubles as an underwear because of its high waist support. It is not recommended for use immediately after childbirth as it may interfere with abdominal recovery.
  4. Wrap style. As the name implies, it wraps around the waist and fastens at the back.

Before you buy a postpartum girdle, be sure to ask the following questions and get satisfactory answers to them.

  • Does it give the right support and compression?
  • Does it help with your back pain by straightening your back?
  • After using it for a while, will it stay in shape?
  • Can you move your body easily when you use it?
  • Does it loosen with ease?
  • Can it go all day?
  • Will it blend in perfectly under your clothes?
  • Is it recommended by doctors?
  • Is the material breathable?
  • And can you pay for it?

You’ll be amazed at how much these girdles can do for you. There is no reason to feel moody just after having a bundle of joy because of the way you look in the mirror. A postpartum girdle can surely help you accelerate the process of getting your curves and sexy looks back.

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  1. Not sure how safe girdles are after pregnancy or generally at all. But I know a lot of women use them after pregnancy for shaping the body back into what it initially was.


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