Hi people!

Everyone who loves to photograph likes to have beautiful and different scenes to take that nice photo and shoot that photo, right? With that in mind, I came to show you the ShopBackdrop online store and show some background ideas for your photos.

Let's check it out?

The website is an online store located in London, England, and it sells a multitude of backdrops with varied themes (wedding, mothers day, fathers day, birthday, easter, halloween, christmas, ) and photographic products, such as pregnant dresses, clothes for newborns, hats and bandanas etc. The store's service aims to offer this vast material to suit all audiences and tastes, as well as providing the photographic professional with a plethora of attractive, different and inexpensive options, without giving up the quality of the material sold.

I separated some backdrops and products from the ShopBackdrop store that were my favorites to put together my wish list. I hope you like my choices!

Ideas backdrops for your photos and products to photograph


The backdrop is a panel composed of images, inscriptions and / or logos that are placed behind someone who will take photographs, present themselves in an interview or filming, go to the podium of some awards, merchandising actions etc. It is also known as "pantographic booth", "backdrop" or "pop up display". The backdrop presents itself as a practical and very beautiful option to serve as a backdrop for photographers and photography lovers!

Here are some options I selected in the store for background cloths:

Custom Wedding Scenery



Birthday scenery


Christmas Scenery


Photography Products

The ShopBackdrop online store also offers several products for photographing, such as: pregnant dresses, clothes for newborns, hats and bandanas, sleeping bags for babies, wraps for newborns etc.

Check out some options that I have separated for you:

Pregnant dresses



Clothing for newborns


Wraps for newborns


So, did you like the options and background ideas for your photos and products from the ShopBackdrop store?

Kisses and stay with God!