5 factors to consider when purchasing wholesale sweatshirts for boutique owners

Sweatshirts can make up a major part of sales for boutique owners, especially for those with a customer base in a colder climate or for any boutique during the winter season. Sweatshirts are versatile, comfortable, and they're truly a staple in every shopper's closet.

5 factors to consider when purchasing wholesale sweatshirts for boutique owners

When purchasing larger orders from wholesale suppliers such as the one here, it's very important to have a good idea of what to look for. This can avoid unsuitable inventory your customers don't want and countless other hiccups.

Here are 5 factors to consider before purchasing wholesale sweatshirts that will ensure you and your customers will both be pleased with your selections.

1) Styles and designs

The first factor to consider is the most obvious one: styles and designs. Styles refer to the overall type of sweatshirt you're considering, and designs refer to additional details in the form of unique elements, patterns or fabrics.

A few of the most popular styles that tend to sell well are zip-ups, crewnecks or pullovers, hoodies, and polo style quarter zips. Cropped sweatshirts are another modern style choice that can be applied to any other overall style.

Designs can be unique sleeves, cuffs, pockets, embellishments, paneling, or colors and patterns. These small details can have a huge effect and make your products truly stand out from a sea of similar sweatshirts.

Be sure to make choices that are in line with what your chosen demographic is likely to wear.

2) Material

After style and design, material may be the most important decision to make when ordering wholesale sweatshirts. Cotton is the most well-known fabric for sweatshirts, but fleece, polyester, french terry, or blends can all be great options for different purposes.

Fleece is the warmest option, while french terry is the lightest. Cotton is a popular eco-friendly and natural option which can demand a slightly higher price, while blends are often more affordable.

The right choice will depend on the season you're shopping for, the budgets of your target customers, and they're personal style preferences.

3) Fit and sizing

Another incredibly important factor to consider is fit and sizing. Many modern sweatshirts are intentionally oversized as a fun fashion statement. This gives a youthful look, but it won't be appreciated by all demographics. Many women prefer a slim fit for a more polish look, so catering to your audience is once again essential.

4) Seasonal options

Selecting sweatshirts based on the season is important for all boutiques, but it's especially important in areas where the seasons bring about markedly different weather. Lightweight sweatshirts may be completely unwearable in cold climates during the winter, while warm places will likely never have a use for fleece.

On top of warmth, the color palates used should be reflective of the current season to give customers a fresh and current look.

5) Sustainability and ethical considerations

The last major factor to consider is sustainability and ethical considerations. Many shoppers want to know details about where their clothing comes from and how it's been made. This information gives them reassurance that they're making purchases that fit their personal values, and it also allows boutique owners to demand a higher price for the extra effort and better quality.
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